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Mystery Shopper

Creating Loyal Customers

All companies spend advertising dollars getting customers to come into their doors, but not enough is dedicated to keeping them in the store V and getting them to come back. Using mystery shoppers to address this directly by investigating the reasons why customers do or do not return to your business.


Website: www.mystery-shopper.com.hk


MSPA Member


Market Research

Accurate market research is the cornerstone of successful marketing plan

Market positioning, developing sales network,pricing strategy, practical promotion campaign, all are the essential elements of a marketing plan and understanding market need is an eternal truth before you act. To understand market need, beside a market survey based on severe scientific methodology, accurate data collection is the same important. High quality interviewer can greatly eliminate the inaccuracy of market survey by getting the valid and certain information from customer. To understand the true market reality, our experienced interviewer is your choice.


---Provide experienced interviewer
---Interviewer training


Website: www.market-research.com.hk



HR Management

Turning Human Resources to your Wealth

Promoters and models are the essential force to seize every potential customer and increase the sales. Therefore, recruiting the most suitable promoters and models is a prerequisite to be success in the keen competition. You are able to search the right promoters and models through our website as long as you complete the online registration procedure. The working record and timetable of different promoters is clearly listed on our website, and promoters will report their working schedule periodically. Our human resource management solutions enable you to make proper and flexible arrangement in advance. To cope with new business development, we can provide diversity job training program for your staff to reinforce working skills in order to maximize your business interest by fully utilize your human resource but also reduce the recruitment time and cost.

MSHK Professional Training Service

Corporate Training & Team Building
We strongly believe that human resources is a valuable asset for each corporate. In order to assist our clients to convert their human resources to human capital, TRAINING is the essential way to achieve the goal and enhance the competiveness in the market. 

MPEG is specialized in delivering varieties of tailor-designed training courses to our clients for improving the performance of the frontline staff. In order to guarantee our training service is of the highest quality, our Professional Training Team - TeamPlayer designs the most professional and practical courses and workshops to our clients. 

Our training consultants are professional and experienced in offering different training courses to clients in different industries, such as FMCG, luxury brands, jewellery industry, hotel industry, travel agencies, universities and NGOs. 

Mission of Training

Training has to be tailor-made correspondingly with the needs of the market, industry and the employee as an individual. Mindset, skills and knowledge have to be exchanged and shared among. We establish the platform, not only because we hope all the people working in the customer service industry can increase the competitiveness and work ability, but also, most importantly, to increase the knowledge in a all-rounded aspect, as to enrich oneself and increase personal qualities.

Exhibition & Corporate Event

Enhance your company corporate image and seize the business opportunity

A well prepared Exhibition and & Corporate Event are definitely a powerful marketing and promotional tool to build up a long term relationship with your potential customer. Through the experiences of different exhibitions, we know how to take the advantage of exhibition and make you be outstanding from those similar competitors. Our team ensures exhibitions are managed accurately in attempt to achieve the international standards and your expectations. Hence, no need to hesitate to hold your company exhibition, try our comprehensive package of exhibition services to enhance your company corporate image and seize the business opportunity.


---Arrange exhibition and site selection
---Field setting and equipment preparation
---Model promotion
---Provide experienced promoter
---Field and luxury security

Roadshow Promotion

High quality and well trained promoter is the key person at marketing frontline
Promoter at sales frontline dealing with your customer directly, seizing every potential customer for you, to build up good and long term relationship with you and your customer. In facing keen competition with similar product and service supplier, promoter is an important force to increase sales. We are experienced in roadshow promotion, possessing experienced and well trained promoter. We have cooperated with various company in wide range of business field including information technology, telecom service, banking, health product, marketing survey, toy, electronic applicant…etc. Regarding how to promote visible product and invisible service, how to adjust marketing strategy according to the buying habit of different customer, our rich experiences make us for sure.


---Arrange indoor/outdoor roadshow promotion
---Provide experienced promoter
---Provide well trained interviewer

Venue Rental


Meeting Room(場地租用):


Address 地址:

Unit A, 2/F, Hung To Centre, 94-96 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon



Room(Large) - 10 persons


Room (Small) - 4 persons

Retail Relationship Management

Retail Relationship Management

We understand that observation in every retail store is a key to raise your sales. However, it is not worth assigning your staff to go every retail store to do the observation, because it wastes your human resources and time. Do you want to know the status of every retail store by staying at office? Our professional staff and online XX system can satisfy what you need. Our professional project team members can do the study at every retail store and analyze the pros and cons of each store objectively and professionally. Also, all the related data and photos collected from each store will be inputted to our online XX system so that you can easily indicate the data of each store in order to improve its performance.

---Measuring staff attitude and manner towards customer
---Gauging the impact of P.O.P. promotions
---Reviewing P.O.P. and promotional placements
---Showroom reviews
---Product accessibility and visibility

2D/3D/Video Design & Media communication

A name card can make your client differentiate you and your competitor
A qualified and creative advertising design and effective media planning are the requisite elements to make your brand become more outstanding from your competitors in the keen market. As well as the color and font size of your name card, your client may differentiate you and your competitor by a tiny point. Bad taste advertisement can overwhelm the characteristics of your product and service. Worse still, your brand reputation will be spoiled. However, a wonderful and fitting advertising design can match your image, reposition your brand, even bring you a new business opportunity.

---Graphic design/advertisement design
---Desktop publishing/editing
---Gift & premium
---Electronic greeting card
---Creative script writing
---Exhibition field setting & design



Service Included:

1. Video Production(3 Days/2 Night)

2. Desgin Production (Prospectus Cover Design, eIPO Advertisement, Congratulatory Advertisement, etc.)

3. Event Production (Wooden Backdrop, Reception Wooden Backdrop, PA Sound System, Video System, etc.)


videos play
videos play

Conference & Seminar

A Platform for you to exchange the ideas and knowledge with the guests economically and effectively
The main purpose of conference or seminar is to attract the meeting of minds. A successful conference or seminar needs sufficient preparation, ability of dealing with accidental event. Our expertise offers you comprehensive package of services including concept design, budget planning, media planning and promotion, coordination and administration. Since we understand what you need, we devoted to hold a conference and seminar for you to exchange the ideas and knowledge with the guests economically and effectively.


---Arrange seminar and conference
---Site selection, field setting and equipment preparation
---Field and luxury security
---Media communication