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MPEG is a marketing company specialized in roadshow and marketing promotion to our clients. We offer value-added design, diverse marketing and promotion services through our creativity, profession and rich marketing experiences in order to obtain impressive sale target. Also, the operation cost of establishing a marketing and PR department will be saved.





Our Mission : M.P.E.G


M - Mutual Benefit

We deeply understand achieving "win-win" condition is the key to maintain long term partnership with you and we believe honest partnership makes us optimize our business rewards.


P - Practical

We are goal oriented, using the most effective way to finish the task. We know an idea can bring great changes and we deeply understand even possessing the most creative idea, guidance of experience and practical strategy is necessary to achieve the goal.


E  - Establish Relationship

Whatever to promote visible product or invisible service, we believe establishing honest relationship with you and your customer is the true way of success in long run.


G - Grateful Marketing Service

We are dedicated to serve you with pleasant and comforting service, we promise to do more and do better for you.